What happens at a treatment?


At our first appointment, I will go through your medical history and ask you about any particular medical problems you may have.  We will look at lifestyle factors that may be impacting upon your general health and well-being.  I will then tailor my treatment according to your individual needs.

I generally use a comfortable reclining Lafuma chair to carry out my treatments. If I treat you at your home, you may prefer to lay on a bed or sofa, whatever is most comfortable. I cover you with a blanket or lightweight throw during treatment, even in summer, as your temperature is likely to fall. I rest your feet on a pillow and cover your legs and feet with towels during treatment.

You only need to remove your footwear and socks and once you are lying back comfortably, I will briefly examine your feet and do some relaxing ‘opening movements’ like ankle rotations to get your feet used to my hands and relax them. Using either my fingers, thumbs, or knuckles I will apply pressure to your feet. The pressure varies from client to client. Some people like a hard treatment while others prefer a much softer one. The treatment should not hurt or tickle and clients are encouraged to tell me immediately if they feel any discomfort.

Different areas or systems of the body are represented on the feet and areas of imbalance or weakness can be detected. If for example you have constipation,the part of your foot corresponding to the intestines or colon may feel a bit more sensitive than other areas and ‘crunchy’ or ‘gritty’. I would work on this area using different techniques to ‘unblock ‘ the congestion and restore energy flow.

After about 50 minutes once the hand-on part of the treatment is finished, I leave you wrapped up under your blanket for a few minutes.  I will offer you a glass of water and then discuss with you any ‘sensitive’ areas that I found during treatment to try and look for an explanation.  My clients are often surprised at the pinpoint accuracy of my findings!

It is always recommended not to have a heavy meal before treatment and to drink plenty of water after your treatment as you may have an increased urge to pass water as the toxins pass out of your body. You should aim to keep warm and listen to what your body tells you. Some clients feel energised after their session while others feel calm and ‘chilled out’ or very sleepy, so maybe keep an hour or two free after your first treatment so you can act accordingly.